What We Strive For


Increase open fact-based discussion of political issues.

Political Accountability

Hold politicians accountable for how their actions affect the issues most important to the community.


Align voters on what they deem to be the most important issues – regardless of partisanship!

Feedback Loop

Encourage political candidates to prioritize the most important community issues.


Increase voter turnout by encouraging the uninformed to vote with confidence through use of a simple ballot reference.


Portal For Change Foundation will always remain non-profit for increased transparency, perpetuity, and proven organizational structure.

Strengths & Opportunities

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Website structure can scale for any geographical and political structure for any country with open elections, but will initially launch with limited availability inside the U.S.

Meta Discussion

Unfiltered discussion of the process used in Portal For Change, resulting in eventual revision of process as necessary.

Mobile Reference

Using a mobile voting reference in the polls is on the rise – 28% in 2014 up from 13% in 2010. source

Utilize Information

Leverage information available on sites like and

Culture of Self Revision

Culture of self-revision utilizing the latest data on both discussion and reference portions, of not just information but process.

Full Logic Chain

Entire logic chain in a few clicks: from ballot reference, to candidate or proposition, to issues and actions, to the original post and comments… and then post yourself to challenge it all!

Risks & Challenges

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Organized Interest

Posts might be swarmed by organized interest groups, distorting voting and facts.


One criteria for a post to become an Issue is based on total votes over the subsection’s total user base. Post voting can be locked in extreme cases and the post recreated later.


Lobbyists have been known
to employ trolls.


Strong community will report those regularly not following fact based logical decision making and instead pushing an agenda.

U.S. Districting

Translating region based discussions to US districts is very complex.


Websites like utilize sophisticated databases to find your ballot information from your address.

Who We Are

Volunteer Board Member

Public Policy

Seeking Founding Board Member with experience in public policy. Bonus points if you have experience with domestic policy, methodology, and analytic or quantitative methods.

Contact: Email Stephen!

Volunteer Board Member


Seeking Founding Board Member with experience launching an internet startup. Bonus points if you have experience moderating a major community or similar or have strong ideas about how to market the website online – starting with how to fully utilize Google Grants.

Contact: Email Stephen!

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